Monday, July 21, 2008

Venice Florida; Vacations to Dive For!

By Gary Andersons Inshore Florida-Offshore anywhere, an Angling Entrepreneur’s Adventure, whether you are looking on the skinnies of kayaking the flats to extreme shark angling off the local pier or just a dipping of the sand scoops in search of Megalodon Shark Teeth, the beaches of Venice Florida are known as the World's Shark Tooth Capital. What could be more fun than getting up early...?

Imagine an adventure in combing the beaches, looking for shark's teeth and sea shells and not just any sharks tooth but that of the most feared of all sea creatures of the time, Megalodon (believed to be over 60 feet in length) with an open jaw largest enough for a six foot person to stand in. Chances are good on excavating one of these teeth and more along the shoreline of our Venice Florida beaches, with sand scoop but do not, despair if the great mega tooth is still buried out there somewhere; tiger, bull, sandbar and mako are a sure scoop. Bring a snorkel and fins to pick up some nice souvenirs off the fossilized coral bottom off Alhambra, which is nice at an eight-foot dive for easy pickings. Further off the beach is “The Bone Yard”, located on the shoals of the “Venice Reef”. A swim from the beach is possible but a boat is better for the return swim can become tiresome. Located in 25 to thirty feet deep waters to the wash or sides of this concrete, rebar structured reef are some rather large finds in big teeth and quaintly too. Located between the Venice Pier and the run off pipes on the beach, the reef is a tricky one to find unless you have its numbers or wish to crisis-cross until you find that 17 foot bump; top of the reef. A new eBook called Numbers is coming out early next month for around a buck and with it; you can have all the dive/angling spots you ever wanted to add to your own numbers book. A listing of all reefs, their consistency and GPS/Loran coordinates. Now you too can fish like the pro’s or dive with the best in finding beauty to artifacts from the depths of Davie Jones Locker!

Prehistoric relics of miniature horses to giant wooly mastodons are strewn everywhere and mixed along among the seashells, which you find here are beyond description! Stunning! If you are looking for a weekend day-trip, remember the beaches of Venice, Florida! Venice is less than an hour's drive south of the Clearwater, Safety Harbor area or driving north from the Ft. Myers area; it is the perfect place for a family adventure! Six to nine foot sharks are caught and released in an Eco-Angling Event on the weekends by local area Venice Pier Anglers, (The Island Anglers), catching present day tigers, bulls, nurse, hammerheads and at least 10 other smaller varieties of “jaws.”

Great restaurants to places to stay, motels to quaint Bed and Breakfast’s; Venice Florida is but centrally located to fun and adventures abound. Drop on by and see just why downtown Venice is a transudation of laid backed luxury in visitor’s reclamations of our old style Floridian past. “Pull up a chair and stay awhile, y’here!”

If you are in need of air to fins, check out our two area shops:

  • Florida West Scuba School
  • Scuba Quest

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Demarcation of CPR and Styles of Angling Inshore Florida

Angling Florida waters is a blend of open oceans and seas to bays, beaches, brackish water rivers, creeks and streams, which make up inshore Florida. A demarcation between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean noticed only by a thinly spread of islands, known as the Keys and its exceptional styles and varieties of fish caught either on land or onboard. If you need it, The Reel Deal of Inshore Florida will get it; outboard/inboard motor parts to any angling gear you cannot find; also carrying a small but select inventory of products to aid you in catching fish within and beyond Inshore Florida. We also provide you with a free no fee charter guide referral service from offshore big game to inshore whatever and backcountry drifting trips to kayaking the inner secrets of Florida’s estuaries and mangrove-lined creeks to canals, where you too, like the Indians of the past once paddled quietly across the skinnies in search of his quest. Birding to backpack trips too, giving you, our customer, an adventure to cherish for a lifetime; kayaks to backpacks, a journey in Florida green or to a product you know delivers! Inshore Florida-Offshore Wherever, helping you find more fish while becoming a better steward to your marine surroundings and practicing CPR when ever possible (Catch, Photograph and Release).