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Eco-Green Florida Kayaking

Inviting You to Experience

“A Journey in Discover.”

Whether you like to take it easy or test the limits of your endurance, from

dipping your paddle to treks through our past, Eco-Florida is one of the best ways to discover your innersole.

The tranquility of being at one with nature in exploring the thousands of passages one stroke at a time. There is no better way to explore the natural beauty of Eco-Florida than walking to hiking along the trails or kayaking through the majestic bays of our Sharks Tooth Coast you will find from tip to tip, tailor-made for outdoor adventure. Trekking along routes from those before us, as well of that of the deer, hog and panther in an awe of the tropical magnetism drawing you deeper into and encompassing Florida as not seen before by many a present century man.

Experience nature in its purest form; yakking. Drink in the spectacular scenery of pristine forests and untrammeled wilderness as you embark as our ancestors did one hundred years ago as you glide through the mangroves,

in search of elusive Snook and apprehensive Reds as our countries symbol of liberty sails overhead; the eagle. Alligators to
migratory birds--pelicans, ospreys, herons, egrets,
and even bald eagles-are abundant, along with a
myriad of other wildlife. Over three-hundred species of plants including
wild lilies and orchids enhancing the beauty of ECo-Florida’s
bayous and wetlands. Pristine outflows of red, white and black mangroves,

guppies to minnows a haven to hide from ambushing predators as you slip past with but the sound of a cast

and the splash of the set, “FISH ON!” in a battle to never forget. Tarpon, Snook, juvenile Cobia, Redfish to trout, spinning or on the fly, ECo-Florida hooks you up!

Pier Expeditions in angling for shark and pelagic also available upon request.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ethical Responsibilities For Children to “Get Outdoors.”

On a walk through a typical American neighborhood this summer, one might be hard pressed to find a bare-foot kid chasing down a toad, building a tree fort in the woods, or flying a kite in the park. Organized play at the local sports complex has replaced unstructured play in the backyard to time spent in the woods or on the beach. As American childhood has moved indoors, research shows that many of today’s children are actually gaining weight during the summer break. And as electronic entertainment replaces both structured and unstructured outdoor experiences, many children are being raised so cut off from their natural world that they are not developing a connection with nature. Not only is this connection an important quality-of-life issue by contributing to emotional and physical well being, it also forms the cornerstone to environmental stewardship ethics.

When watching animal shows on TV becomes the closest many of today’s kids get to the great outdoors, we risk the health of our children and endanger the prospect of developing future stewards of the natural environments. That is why The Island Anglers, the National Wildlife Foundation, Inshore Florida, Reel Addiction Sportfishing and Eco-Green Florida Kayak to Backpack Tours will use its resources to

“encourage parents and caregivers to get kids to go outside and play and to ask policy makers to take action.”

The average child today spends more than 6 hours a day watching TV, playing video games or on a computer. Conversely, the amount of time U.S. children now spend outdoors has declined by 50 percent in the past 20 years.

Author Richard Louv described this American trend in his 2005 book, Last Child in the Woods, and even gave it a name, “nature deficit”.

“The phrase ‘go outside and play’ sums up the summer experiences that I remember growing up as a youth, as do many an American fondly remembers. But today’s kids rarely hear these four little words. The sad reality is that American childhood has moved indoors and in front of a TV, x-box and all. Meanwhile, our kid’s face an epidemic of childhood obesity and a troubling disconnect with nature.”

Connecting our children to nature through outdoor experiences pays clear dividends: children who play outside are more active and more physically fit; time in nature improves children’s academic performance, concentration, balance, coordination, and self-esteem; and playing outside even reduces the severity of symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which affects millions of American children.

Environmental education increases student engagement in science, improves student achievement in core subject areas, and increases student awareness about individual actions they can take to restore the health of the natural environment; and

Children who spend time in nature are more likely to have pro-environmental attitudes as adults. Time spent in nature with an important adult often shapes a child’s long-term environmental ethic. If this nature deficit continues unabated, we may face a dearth of environmental leaders, professionals, and advocates as we try to conquer future environmental challenges like climate change. Mentoring is but our highest goal and must continue through volunteers and all who are of interest to our future and that of our children’s, children’s future!

Solutions for reversing nature deficit and connecting our children to nature, and ourselves at the same time are available through organizations like The Island Anglers, the National Wildlife Foundation, Inshore Florida, Reel Addiction Sportfishing and Eco-Green Florida Kayak to Backpack Tours. The National Wildlife Foundation has compiled a list of solutions that offer ways for parents to take action within our communities, at the state level, and at the national level. Some of these include connecting kids to nature through environmental education, promoting outdoor play through our public health systems, and encouraging parents to build in regular time for outdoor play through the National Wildlife Foundation online parent resource, Green Hour, to which Florida’s Mentoring Initiate and The Island Anglers, Inshore Florida, Reel Addiction Sportfishing and Eco-Green Florida Kayak to Backpack Tours support and encourage all to get involved.

For summer outdoor activity ideas and other online resources, please visit www.greenhour.org.

Or with those who also would support such an endeavor:

The Island Anglers

Inshore Florida

Reel Addiction Sportfishing

Eco-Green Florida Kayak to Backpack Tours

National Wildlife Federation

Support us in supporting your outdoor and our children’s future.

Thank You

Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida Green Vacations


Charlotte Harbor, Lemon Bay, The Ditch into Snook Alley (Venice Inlet), Blackburn Point

With our convenience in location to our logistical movements through use of trailers or power boating, our kayaks can be transported to almost anywhere you wish to go so that you can go where the fish are. Offering trips to throughout the Sharks Tooth Coast and surrounding waters of Charlotte Harbor to Blackburn Point. You can target spotted Seatrout, snook, redfish, flounder, black drum, pompano, sheepshead, tarpon, mangrove snapper, jack crevalles and shark.

We have spots in Lemon Bay area where we can cast to "tailing" redfish whenever the tide is right. Imagine gliding by a school of tailing redfish, stroking a slight turn in a cast engulfed by one of the tails, in a fantastic show of rod against red and you in the middle of this action, surrounded by now scattering reds! “FISH ON!”

Sarasota Bay

Sarasota Bay is a thriving ecosystem with dynamic flows into this body of water located in Sarasota, FL. These dynamic flows (tidal changes through open inlets and passes) allows for a variety of fishing situations, including beautiful grass flats, shallows and mangrove islands.

Spring to summer, targeting or sight fishing trout’s, redfish, snook through moving columns of greenbacks on the flats and in the shallows. Fall through winter, snook to tarpon can be targeted up creeks, rivers and canals. Sarasota Bay offers other species to include pompano, permit, flounder, jack crevalles, sheepshead, black drum and mangrove snapper, on a regular basis.

Brackish water Exotics

Snook Haven

While the Sarasota through Charlotte county is best known for its saltwater fishing, there are abundant freshwater opportunities waiting to those whom would wish to be one with nature; eye-to-eye in a kayak with an American Alligator is something you will write home about. Historical Snook Haven launches you into the wilds of days gone by in an adventure in angling for both freshwater to saltwater species. The Myakka river, tidal at launch point, was once a filming set for Weismuller in the thirties bringing Tarzan into the conversations of the time. Filming locations were chosen for the Snook Haven area because of its wild attributes to Africa. Largemouth bass, bluegill, tilapia, sunshine bass, Shellcracker, speckled perch and channel catfish are approached above the launch point and on the ebb through low tide with tarpon, snook and small sharks with an inflow or high tide. The best of two worlds flowing down to one float trip on the mighty Myakka River. Wild hogs, Florida panthers, Bald Eagles and exotic birds to turkey share the banks to sky along your float another angling adventure in living life to the fullest, in memories to pass on from Green Florida Eco Tours.

An Expedition On the Boards;

Pier Angling from Pelagic to Sharks, Venice, Florida & El Jobean

Venice City Pier:

Depending on the time of day to the season of the year, this is an opportunity to fish the boards from the Venice City Pier. Located at Sharky’s on the Pier an infamous beachside restaurant with nightly live music and dancing, On the Boards at the T-head you can have a chance of catching almost anything that swims in the Gulf of Mexico. The Venice City Pier is a free pier in that no costs to you is needed, nor are fishing licenses. Following the rules of the pier and catching fish are all that is needed, unless your looking for advice and a chance to come out with us and catch the big one at Sharky’s. Targeting King Mackerels (in season or “the run”), Tarpon to Cobia and the granddaddy of them all, “Jaws” come nightfall. Bull sharks to monster Hammers in the eight-foot plus range is but a common occurrence; why do you think the place is called Sharky’s on the Pier.

“The romantic notion of a moon-light swim is not such a good idea, for sharks turn on from dusk till dawn!”

Over 14 varieties of sharks have been caught from on the boards of the Venice City Pier.

Why not let one of use direct you to your catch of a prize to always remember.

El Jobean Pier:

Located at the mouth of the Myakka River and crossing the skinnies of Charlotte Harbor lies the old railroad tracks turned into a fantastic catch to those in lure of snook to tarpon, the El Jobean Pier. Bring the kids out along with the entire family for a Crabbing Expedition where Blue crabs rule and sheepshead to snapper abound. Cobia and sharks, rays to manatees share the waters surrounding this location. A great way to get away and inexpensive too.

Rates Depend upon time and species, contact us for On the Boards pricing.


Nokomis beach, the Jetties, Venice, Casperson’s and Manasota beaches

Offering a unique beachscape expedition or safaris in catching a wide variety of fish while you and your family challenge the shorelines of our majestic Florida shorelines. Leaving the kayaks at behind and walk various beaches from Sarasota to Stump Pass in a quest of angling the waves where you, too can hook it up with Seatrout, jack crevalles, ladyfish, tripletail, Spanish to King mackerels, little tunny, pompano, tarpon and small sharks off the bars.

Wither you wiggle your toes in the sand at beaches edge or do some shelling to the pounding of the surf and salt smells lingering from across the sea oats of the dune, between the bites, a beachscape fishing adventure is fun for all. Sunrise to noon or evening to Sunset expeditions available.

Stump Pass Shelling

A blend of beach to sky to pounding waves as you trek across the sands of time in finding some of the most beautiful shells of this world from the treasures of the Gulf of Mexico. Natural filling or dredging by Mother nature use to give one pilot through these straights into the harbor until of recent when our Corp. of engineers opened the old passage to a professional grade. Known to commercial angler and pirates from our past for the swift currents bringing a bounty of shells from the deep to the shore, as well the fishing for most fish found traversing bay to open water is phenomenal. Cobia, sharks, tarpon and king to trout, Spanish, blues, flounder and an abundant of other species migrating these passages frequently. Wither angling, shelling or both a trip to a point in time lost through the ages and not found to many on the map.

AT Green Florida Eco Tours, we practice CPR as much as possible!



Kayaks and safety equipment are provided. In addition, we supply all rods, reels, lures and leaders. We also carry a cooler, ice, water and snacks.

You should bring sunscreen, cap, polarized sunglasses, jacket, wading shoes, camera and a valid Florida Combination Saltwater/Freshwater license with snook stamp attached or freshwater fishing license.

You may purchase a fishing license online at


or by calling 1-888-FISH FLORIDA (1-888-347-4356). You also can purchase license at most local bait and tackle shops.





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